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Berner Industrier as an investment

  • Strong positions in selected market niches
    What our businesses have in common is that they have proven business models, high technical expertise and a high level of service. We have several employees who, by virtue of their experience, are authorities in their respective fields. Our collective experience and in-depth knowledge of our customers’ needs enable us to customise products and solutions. In this way, we help our customers keep production costs down, reduce resource and energy consumption, increase efficiency, and become more sustainable. Our wide range of customer contacts makes us an attractive partner for suppliers and a trusted advisor for our customers. Stable, long-term partnerships combined with a constant curiosity about new methods and solutions enable us to offer technically advanced, high-quality solutions. This is a success factor that has contributed to our current leading position in several niches. Our portfolio includes leading products such as Zeta electric boilers, Swedamper flue gas dampers and noise reduction solutions, which offer exciting growth opportunities and good profitability.
  • Exposure to strong and growing markets with sustainability at its core
    With our diversified operations and exposure to several key sectors such as water treatment, energy production and sustainable industry, our businesses are at the heart of strong, underlying societal trends, allowing us to partially offset market fluctuations.
  • High cash generation enables continued acquisition-driven growth
    Low investment needs in existing businesses combined with reasonable leverage allow cash to be used for additional investments in our portfolio companies as well as continued acquisitions of new exciting companies. Our decentralised governance model enables efficient integration of new acquisitions and creates an environment where entrepreneurs are attracted to stay and continue to develop the business.
  • Committed main owner
    The Berner family is an active major shareholder in the third and fourth generations, which guarantees long-term value creation.
  • Decentralisation contributes to increased profitability
    Our decentralised governance model was introduced in 2022 and has gradually had positive effects. We see that profitability improves when the power of the subsidiaries is released to the business instead of internal administration, which contributed to Berner Industrier being able to report a record-high EBITA result in 2023. The journey does not end there, we continue to strive for each business to reach its full potential through clear management by objectives combined with room for entrepreneurship.
  • Stable and experienced management
    Berner Industrier has a management team with broad and deep experience of industrial companies, as well as mergers and acquisitions, investment activities and from listed serial acquirer. We have a strong set of managers in the subsidiaries and provide expert support centrally within HR, IT and finance.