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Berner Industrier is a Nordic industrial group in sustainable technology that operates in a number of attractive and growing niche markets. We have a clear growth strategy, which means that we want to grow and develop our existing businesses and add new companies to the Group.

Overall, the Group’s activities can be grouped into four socially important focus areas – clean water, sustainable energy, sustainable industry and sustainable infrastructure. These activities are thus at the heart of today’s strong, underlying societal trends.

Our financial targets enable us to acquire exciting businesses that complement our existing operations. A growing business also creates development opportunities for our employees and makes us an attractive employer, which in turn helps us to us to become a valued partner for our customers and suppliers.

“We create innovative technological solutions for a sustainable society.”


We are continuously looking for well-managed, technology-focused businesses that want to continue to develop and at the same time are thinking about taking the next step. What we are primarily looking for are profitable technology companies with a strong position in their respective markets and where we believe there is good potential and willingness to continue to grow.

We are long-term and only consider acquisitions of businesses that we believe we will be able to develop together with over a long period of time. The fact that previous owners and key people often remain in the businesses long after we have acquired them is something we are both proud and happy about. We value the entrepreneurial spirit that underpins a successful business, and our decentralized governance model is therefore an important part of our culture. The best business decisions are made close to customers and suppliers.

As a listed group with a long history and strong owners, including the third and fourth generations of the Berner family, we can offer a safe haven with a long-term perspective. We were founded in 1897 and intend to continue to develop and grow for at least as long to come. A committed board of directors and management team driven by building companies and providing people and businesses with the right conditions to develop guarantees this.


In the parts of the business that operate in technology trading and distribution, we create value for both customers and suppliers by structuring and streamlining the value chain, thereby reducing transaction costs for our customers and suppliers. In all parts of our business, we offer professional advice on the choice of components and systems in an increasingly complex supplier market and can offer customised complete solutions with components from a number of different suppliers. We know our local markets well, and have long-established relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Feel free to contact us for an informal discussion about future opportunities.

contact-carolineCaroline Reuterskiöld
CEO Berner Industrier
Phone: +46 70 81 72 428

Business areas


Technology & Distribution

Helps customers in both industry and the public sector to reduce resource consumption, improve the surrounding environment or in other ways improve operations.


Energy & Environment

Increases sustainability in the energy, process and manufacturing industries through reduced emissions, reduced energy losses and/or improved working environment.

Meet our entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is one of our key drivers and well integrated into our governance model. Meet some of the peolple who have joined us.