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Energy & Environment

The business area Energy & Environment brings together the Group’s pump operations and equipment for the energy and process industries. These are products that contribute to increased sustainability in the energy, process and manufacturing industries through lower emissions, reduced energy losses and/or improved working environment.

The business area consists of three companies, all with a strong position in their respective markets. What they have in common is that they offer products that have clear advantages from a sustainability point of view by contributing to lower emissions, reduced energy losses and an improved working environment. Customers are mainly found in the energy, process and manufacturing industries. The companies have sales both in their home market of Sweden and through exports to customers in other countries.

Focus on climate and working environment

One of the focus areas is pumps for the process industry, the water treatment industry and the manufacturing industry in Sweden. Zander & Ingeström, respectively, represent leading manufacturers of centrifugal and displacement pumps and high-pressure pumps for industrial use of high-pressure water, as well as for food and pharmaceuticals.

The companies also have a number of their own products that are sold globally. Zander & Ingeström offers electric boilers under the Zetapannan brand, which is a strong and well-known brand. The Zeta boiler replaces conventional solutions based on oil, coal or gas. Swedenborg offers in-house developed industrial dampers through the Swedamper brand. Swedamper enables, among other things, lower electricity consumption compared to conventional solutions. Bullerbekämparen are specialists in preventive noise control and offer everything in sound isolation and acoustics, including noise-reducing control cabins of their own design. The company also has solutions for incorporating noisy machinery for industrial companies, contributing to a better working environment.

Energy & Environment net sales and EBITA margin


Swedenborg continues its investments in carbon capture

The applications of carbon capture are growing. In addition to storing captured carbon dioxide in the bedrock, it can be used as a raw material in the process industry or for increased yields in greenhouses. Carbon capture is also used in the manufacture of components for electric car batteries. With its innovative dampers, Swedenborg is active in all these areas with several different customers. Swedenborg’s dampers are the tightest in the industry thanks to a unique design and sealing solution. This eliminates the need for conventional shut – off air, which saves on energy – consuming fans and reduces both operating costs and energy consumption.

Swedenborg is proud to be an active partner in the growing field that through innovative products makes the end product better and more energy efficient


Clean up the foam under flowing water

Zander & Ingeström supplies pumps to Stockholm Vatten och Avfall’s modern wastewater treatment plant Henriksdal

Not only the drinking water supply, but also the sewage management needs to be expanded in most of Sweden’s municipalities to be able to meet a growing population and increased treatment requirements. This applies not least to the City of Stockholm, which is now upgrading its large treatment plants to meet the future requirements for the degree of treatment and to protect the Baltic Sea. Zander & Ingeström has previously supplied pumps for the new digesters at the Henriksdal plant for the production of biogas and has also received orders for sludge pumps for the sedimentation basins during the year.

In total, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall’s contractor Malmberg Water AB has ordered a total of 38 pumps and 4 grinders from Zander & Ingeström, one of the largest orders received so far together with partner NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH. Even in terms of size, it is an impressive order, if all the pumps were placed in a long row, it would be 160 meters long. We are very proud to be part of a project that will make the Baltic Sea healthier in the future. 

Zander & Ingeström

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