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The subsidiary Zander & Ingeström to deliver electrical hot water boilers to Helen Ltd. Hanasaari

Christian Berner Tech Trade subsidiary Zander & Ingeström has signed an agreement with Höyrytys OY regarding delivery of electrical hot water boilers to Helen Ltd Hanasaari.

Zander & Ingeström AB will in total deliver three 10kV high voltage hot water boilers, 50MW each.  The Boilers will be installed to Hanasaari production site in the existing boiler building, thus increasing Helen Ltd’s carbon neutral district heating production. Besides reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the boilers from Zander & Ingeström will also increase the flexibility of the boiler houses in the light of varying energy prices and availability. The boilers shall be operational in the end of 2024, producing heat for the residents in the area.

‘At Zander & Ingeström we have 100 years of experience with boilers and are world-leading when it comes to high voltage boilers for hot water and process steam. The electric Zetapannan from Zander & Ingeström replaces boilers using fossil fuels and is key in the transition towards a more sustainable society’, says Marcus Wigren, managing director Zander & Ingeström. ‘We already have a large share of the global and growing market using our own products and expand further both geographically and through an increasing product portfolio.’ 

‘Christian Berner Tech Trade aims to contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable society through technical solutions. Zetapannan enables fossil free production of hot water and process steam, while also providing a way to manage fluctuations in the energy system.’ says Caroline Reuterskiöld, CEO Christian Berner Tech Trade AB.

Stockholm 7 September 2023