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The nomination committee’s proposal for new board members in Christian Berner Tech Trade

Christian Berner Tech Trade's nomination committee proposes the appointment of Helena Grubb and Pia Irell to the board of directors at the regular annual general meeting on 25 April 2024.

Helena Grubb has most recently been CEO of Unident Group, Managing Director for the Hardware business area within
Hultafors AB and Managing Director of Assa OEM AB. Helena Grubb has a master's degree in industrial economics
from Luleå University of Technology. "I look forward to being involved in developing Christian Berner Tech Trade's business models as well as profitability further," says Helena Grubb.

Pia Irell has most recently been a Partner at Trill Impact, Portfolio Development Director at Altor Equity Partners and
strategy manager at Gambro. Pia Irell has a bachelor's degree in economics from the Gothenburg School of Economics.
"I look forward to being involved in and contributing to the company's vision – to create innovative technical solutions for a sustainable society, and also hope that my experience in acquisition-driven growth will come in handy", says Pia Irell.

Furthermore, the election committee proposes re-election of Joachim Berner, Lars Gatenbeck, Kerstin Gillsbro and Carl Adam Rosenblad. Sara Mattsson, Bertil Person and Stina Wollenius have all declined re-election.

The nomination committee's other proposals will be made public in connection with the notice to the 2024 annual general meeting. Christian Berner Tech Trade's nomination committee for the 2024 annual general meeting includes David Zaudy, appointed by Cervantes Capital, Sten Ankarcrona appointed by Concejo and Joachim Berner appointed by Gårdaverken.