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Christian Berner AS has signed a contract for more than NOK 10 million regarding the Drammen tunnel

Christian Berner Tech Trade’s Norwegian subsidiary Christian Berner AS has signed a contract with Kjeldaas AS regarding delivery of vibration protection solutions to a railway tunnel in Drammen. The delivery is planned for the first quarter 2024.

Bane NOR is greatly extending its railway network in Norway to allow for increased traffic. Intercity, the railroad extension project in and around Oslo, is an important part of this. When finalized in 2030, Intercity will stretch from Oslo to Skien southbound. As a part of the project a new tunnel south of Drammen is being built, with planned opening in 2025. Christian Berner is to deliver ballast mats to Bane NORs entrepreneur Kjeldaas AS, an order of more than 10 million Norwegian kroner.
«Our ballast mats in Sylodyn® from Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH effectively isolate against vibrations and facilitates a calmer and quieter environment for activities on and around the new tunnel. The unique properties of Sylodyn® also facilitates a longer service interval timeline for the railway tracks», says Magnus Sköld, product manager Christian Berner AS.

Vibration dampening for railway applications is a growing area where Christian Berner AS and the Nordic sister companies see exciting opportunities in the future. Railway traffic is a natural part of a sustainable infrastructure system, while at the same time it is important to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment in terms of noise and vibrations.  «The Drammen tunnel is one of several ongoing projects. We invest in solutions for sustainable infrastructure, and our growing business is a confirmation that our solutions address critical issues», says Even Moholdt, managing director Christian Berner AS.
“The aim of our Group is to solve societal challenges through innovative technology for increased sustainability. Infrastructure forms the backbone of society, and we are proud to be able to contribute to sustainable transport systems”, says Caroline Reuterskiöld, CEO Christian Berner Tech Trade AB.